Posted by: travellinbaen | February 26, 2009

Fred Cook

OLV High School (1970)

Football–OLV, University of Southern Mississippi, Baltimore Colts


Fred Cook was a defensive end who played for the University of Southern Mississippi Golden Eagles before being drafted in the second round of the NFL draft by the Baltimore Colts. He played for the Colts from 1974-1980. Part of “the Sack Pack” defensive line for the Colts, Cook led his team with nine sacks in 1977, but before they became the Sack Pack, Cook and his linemates liked to call themselves the “Looney Tunes” because they were a loose, fun loving group. A teammate of Cook’s, Joe Ehrmann said of him in 1975, “Freddy Cook is a beautiful guy, mild, easy, with a lot of depth. He’s someone you’d like to fix up with your sister.” Fun loving and young they may have been, but in 1975 the Looney Tunes and Cook led the NFL in sacks. The Looney Tunes, the Sack Pack, whatever you wanted to call them, Cook’s unit helped the Colts to consecutive division titles from 1975-1977. Cook is one of only five Colts with over 100 consecutive career starts (102). He was named 2d team all-conference in 1976 and 1st team in 1977. Fans from that era continue to revere Cook and turned out in numbers to meet him when he returned to Baltimore from his home in Pascagoula for a visit after Hurricane Katrina.

Linked below is an interview done for the University of Southern Mississippi Oral History Program. The content is not for re-use without permission, which the HOF doesn’t have, but I encourage you to click and read about Fred’s life as described in his own words. He’s had some hard times not of his making outside of football, but has managed to have a life of public service in spite of it.

Sources:  Stats from Football Database, Official Colts Website, Wikipedia Stub, USM Oral History Interview, 1978 Sports Illustrated NFL Preview, SI article on the 1975 Colts, Baltimore Sun “where are they now” blog post

BALTIMORE COLTS - Fred Cook #503 Topps 1976 NFL American Football Trading/Gum Card



  1. I remember Freddie quite well, was a great team player ,would like him to contact me at my e-mail…still alive and kicking in Louisiana.

  2. We’re traveling from Montana and met Fred in a park today near Ocean Springs, MS. He’s a very nice guy and would be a good friend…

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